The problem with
high quality social content

Time consuming

Producing high-quality content is time-consuming.
Working with us can free up time and allows you to focus on your really important daily tasks. 

Professional equipment needed

We have the skills and resources to pay attention to the small details that can make a huge difference such as better lighting and camera work. 

New ideas and trends

We keep an eye on all social media platforms for the latest trends & deliver ideas to create the most effective social content for you.

Personal Branding Abo -

starting at EUR 400,- excl. VAT.

Up to 60 minutes shooting time with high standard technical equipment at our studio, your office or an external location in a close surrounding.

Brief update calls to plan the shooting and content ideas.

4-6x flexible settings for pre-defined and spontanious photos or videos.

Bring up to 3 different outfits (if you want!)

15x professional pictures (incl. full-service post production) for your social content on LinkedIn, Instagram & Co.  

Flexibel upgrade options for additional content (e.g. videos, coverage of conference key notes, inhouse events etc.)

Steps to your personal branding abo


Briefing Call

Production day

Get your content

Why professional content

Better story telling

Using professional content helps you to establish credibility and expertise.
 This is especially important to stand out in an overloaded social media world.

Increase your reach

Authentic photos and videos are more likely to be shared and promoted by your followers and the algorithm, which will help to increase your overall reach significantly. 

Higher engagements

Quality content helps to point out your profession and gives your follower base a real chance to connect emotionally with you on a very personal level.

You have questions?

Better safe than sorry!
So feel free to reach out and contact us for detailed information. We are nice most of the time 😉 

Your Personal Branding Abo

We are excited to hear that you are interested in our “Personal Branding Abo”.

Please let us know your contact details. We will get in touch with you for all further steps.