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Campaign Shootings

You want to deliver content to a specific topic over a longer period of time? Great, we help you with the ideation of the storyboards and shoot your photos and videos the way you need it for your campaign!

Image & Event Videos

This shouldn’t be your average image clip. Better, let’s see how we could add some fresh ideas to cover the most important people and some key moments with our camera and microphones. 

Biz & Team Shootings

Your team is better than others? Perfect, so you should show it! We help you with business portraits and team photos for your website, social channels, or the next awkward christmas card! 


It’s our beloved job to combine creativity with groundbreaking ideas. That’s also simply the way we create contemporary content for magazines and online platforms.

Fashion Photography

Life is too short to wear boring clothes. Instead, we love to catch the latest trends with our lens and let them speak for themselves. Mostly used in e-commerce and magazines!

Product Shots

We make your product the hero. Especially for E-Commerce we create full views with photo and video coverages in our inhouse studio or outdoor areas. 

what we do for everyone

Wedding Documentary

This is gonna be the best day of your life. So we are by your side to cover everything of your love story. From an overall video procution, elopement shoots and editorial bride portraits. For an experience you will always remember. 

Fashion & Portraits

We change ideas into reality by giving personalities the space to be the best version of themselves. This is the ideal content piece for private fashion books or confident portraits for your job applications. 


Grab your partner and let’s create some endless memories. No matter where your favorite place together with the person you love is, we will capture the raw emotions and feelings with our lens for you. 


Sometimes less is definitely more. That’s why we keep those shootings absolutely serious and private. But that doesn’t mean that we are not open for some extravagant ideas. 

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